With the current Nifty and BSE tumbling down to several points in India, the market is actually looking for corrections in opportunities for long-term buys. But what if we tell you that this startup has actually evolved a way that is smart enough to help you earn in the comfortable space in your homes through just Whatsapp! Whoa, too good to be true, is it? Well, not exactly as YesMobo, the recent fad amongst youngsters has turned out to be a huge lifesaver when it comes to pocket moneys or savings. Launched on 15th February 2018, this app already has an average review of 3.9 out of 5 stars on Google Play as it works on the principle of sharing ads on Whatsapp and earning handsomely from it!

Yesmobo & Whatsapp Marketing:

With more than 200 million Whatsapp users across India and above 98% message open rates makes it the most engaging platform in the nation during recent times. While Whatsapp business app only helps you reaching customers you already have, what if we could reach to the 200 Million Indian Whatsapp users? YesMobo takes the advantage of the same and declares itself to be only available platform where anyone can start marketing, without actually breaking any Whatsapp Fair Use Policy. Sounds legit, right? Based entirely upon ‘Cost Per Click’ principle this platform makes it easy for advertisers to calculate ROI and pay the individual accordingly at regular intervals.

The Inception:

Founded by the husband-wife pair of Abhinav & Deepika Jain at Delhi, this bootstrapped startup has the minds of the Digital Marketing expert and the skills of a programmer in equal proportions to build the platform.

Meet the Founders of Yesmobo: Abhinav & Deepika Jain
Meet the Founders of Yesmobo: Abhinav & Deepika Jain

“Since my school days, I was passionate about online business and always wanted to start my own venture one day. I used to read ebooks and that was how I learnt about Digital Marketing. After having worked as a Digital Marketing Expert in 2007 for ten years before quitting my job to join the entrepreneurial culture and preparing myself with practical skillsets by working in four startups, I finally evolved myself to be the founder Yesmobo needs. Deepika, my wife has an experience in software development for more than seven years and is the pillar of strength and the main programmer of the platform.”

Advertisers can sign-up for an account and get their initial free 100 Credits to get a hang of the platform. Using those 100 Free Credits, advertisers can run their first Cost-per-Click campaign on Whatsapp via YesMobo and can buy more credits online instantly.

On the other hand, YesMobo app users can make money by sharing the registered advertisers’ ads amongst their friends’ circle and relatives on Whatsapp and when anyone clicks on the link given in the ad, the app users earn INR 0.50 for each valid click, it’s that simple!

Future Goals:

Currently focusing on getting maximum app installs and bringing in big-time advertisers on board, Yesmobo plans to get between one to five million app installs; in its first year of the target.  They also conferred to us that they soon will be looking out for investors to speed up the growth, one who could also be a mentor and guide them through to build a successful startup for him.

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