Many a times, it happens that we purchase a product or any services with the hope that it will ease our life and save us time but then instead of comfort what we get is a hell of a time and dissatisfaction. We lose time, money and peace of mind. We then tend to refrain from using it and hence develop grievances against it. Some keep it to themselves and some open up protests by disputing against the organization providing those goods or services and some even go on to file a case in the court. But filing a case demands a lot of cost and time delays. So summing up altogether, what did you get at your disposal? Loss!

In order to sort out disputes without any hassle and time delays was triggered on 19th September, 2015 with its roots in Chandigarh.

The passionate team at Yessettle consists of 13 technical persons lead by CTO, 20 Advocates who serve as portal online Mediator, 3 C.A, 2 retired Judges, and 3 retired Bank officials. The collective years of expertise of the team benefits all users who choose to use the platform as a method for resolving conflicts.

Team Yessettle
Team Yessettle

Yessettle provides the most valuable and relevant dispute resolution processes, tools and professional services available today, allowing the client to resolve disputes quickly, cost effectively, and efficiently. It enables the users to initiate the process to resolve any dispute which the user might have with any other party anywhere in the world. This platform also helps users with its support in resolving the disputes through online mediator, where the mediator tries to resolve the dispute by breaking dead locks and finding and amicable midway solution to which both the parties agree. The users can even take the expert legal help by putting up a query. And hence it is an online service which provides relief to various kinds of disputes for long.

The mastermind behind the portal, Rajinder Sharma enrolled himself as an Advocate on 1st February, 1993 after completing his Law Degree and started his legal practice in Chandigarh Courts. Now he is exploring new and innovative technology solutions in the field of law.

Jagdip Singh serves as the CTO of the while Jatinder Sharma serves as the Chief Legal Officer and handling the affair of an online Mediation of the portal.

Being asked about the inception of the company, Rajinder shares, “As during my 22 years of legal practice, I noticed that most of the litigation can be avoided by the parties if they have a proper and comfortable atmosphere to resolve their conflicts like home to sit together and to find a midway solution. I started working on the said idea keeping in mind the benefit of litigants and pre-litigants.”

The most unique thing which makes Yessettle noticeable in the crowd is that it’s the World’s First Online Settlement Platform. It would also help to resolve the conflict within a minimum time period without much financial implications and all the more keep the relationship intact.

The mission of the startup is to provide a quicker, more cost effective and more satisfactory outcome than litigation as it takes months and sometimes years. The process through the platform can be paced according to the needs and schedule of the parties. Tapping to a much unorganized niche, we can expect Yessettle to have Banks, Insurance companies etc added to their client list very soon.

“We are looking to launch the platform in other countries and reach out to maximum extent in near future”, says Rajinder.

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