Today is the day and age of on-demand services. Be it a cab or shopping for your office wardrobe, you get it all at just a click away. But, hey sometimes when you try looking into the core of modern day lifestyles, you begin to realize that what people genuinely need help with is with the home services. Given the busy lifestyles of our modern families, people find little time to look after the various home needs and this is when Zimmber comes to the forefront. Zimmber is an app which works as a one-step solution to your various needs, and aims to solve the practical problems of our daily lives.

The home services industry is speedily growing with 69 home service start-ups founded just in the year 2014, and for a developing country this is definitely a major boom for the services sector. Zimmber stands in a great position amidst other competitors and has garnered the goodwill of the people by placing customer satisfaction and quality services as its top priority.


With the launch of the Zimmber app, getting household tasks done has become a child’s play. Zimmber provides a range of household services which include carpentry, home spa, sofa spa, car spa, AC repair, salon at home services and many more. All one needs to do is follow these three simple steps.

  • Download the Zimmber app
  • Select the service of your choice
  • Choose the preferred time slot and date

… And, congratulations, cause you have booked your Zimmber service!

By placing the time and convenience of customers as their top priority, Zimmber’s USP is that the handymen are trained professionals whose backgrounds are completely verified by Zimmber before enrolling them in their bandwagon.

No matter how successful a brand is, innovation is the only way forward and idea is the key. Zimmber seems to have mastered this mantra pretty well, and if you have any doubts on that you should take a look at their super unique ‘Refer and Earn’ Policy.Zimmber Refer And Earn

And just in case you are wondering as to what this ‘Refer and Earn’ is all about- Here’s a quick overview.

While there are other apps employing the ‘Refer and Earn’ scheme as well, what makes Zimmber different is the features brought to you exclusively by Zimmber’s ‘Refer and Earn’. Let’s take a look at some of its distinguished features.

  • Zimmber is the first ever app and also the only app in the home services sector that allows users to refer separate services, individually.
  • On referring Zimmber to a friend, it becomes a mutually beneficial deal.
  • It’s a win-win situation as your wallet is credited with Rs.150, and at the same time your friend’s wallet is also credited with the same amount.
  • The more services you refer to a friend, the more are your chances for winning completely free mega services from Zimmber, or services at steal rates, given the hot cash that has accumulated in your Zimmber wallet
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. You refer more, and you earn more( services)

To some this may seem like a business gimmick, but Zimmber’s axiom behind its refer and earn policy is driven by the sole idea of making lives productive, smoother and happier. After having spread smiles in thousands of households, in its short span of existence, Zimmber strives to continue to be the most reliable companion for every Indian household.

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