If you’re into online shopping then there is a high chance that you must have heard the name Zipker. This online shopping website has been a really small start up even a year back. Now, Zipker has become one of the top brands for fashion buffs and provides the best clothing line in the country. Zipker is one of those startups that strives towards excellence with every passing day.

Zipker Shopping

Zipker has grown over 400 percent in last year in terms of revenue, says Arpan Jain, the founder & CEO. Arpan takes pride in his team of highly skilled and motivated persons which had led the growth of the startup.

“We are not competing with anyone to be the number one in the industry. Rather we strive to serve the best to our customers who are the backbone of any business,” Arpan adds.

Zipker not only chooses to make all the fashionistas out there the best in among their group but also, to make the non-fashionistas dress and feel good. It is a true fact that if you dress good, you feel good and the startup follows this notion in its truest form.

There are various factors for which people have recognized Zipker within a very short span and termed it as one of the best shopping startups.

Staying Focused And True

One of the major factors for any startup to increase revenue growth is to take the business seriously and Zipker has been very true to the ideals of the business. The team at Zipker has kept their heads focused towards their goal that includes good quality products, best customer service and a reliable system of work.

Smart Work And Mission

The mission of Zipker has always been to understand the concept of good business which was clear from the very beginning. It did not stumble upon any hardship since the team was determined to reach the destination after all.

Choosy With Everything

In business, sympathy has a very little place. That is to say, starting from employees to new opportunities, Zipker has been picky in their approach. A good business would always need better strategies and people who can carry out the actions with their fullest efficiency. Zipker, however, has made it clear that they would choose people and opportunities that are truly beneficial for them and as well as for the growth of the business.

The Vision

It is very important to have a clear vision, especially as a founder of the startup. Zipker’s founder, however, tried to have a focused and clear mindset from the very beginning which started working wonders after a year. The entire vision should be full of beliefs and solutions and must be devoid of doubts.

Zipker aims at making online shopping more reliable and user-friendly with varied styles and options to choose from. With more than 3 Lakh orders delivered till now, it could be denoted that they are indeed doing a great job in making the world a little closer to unique fashion trends.

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